We are an award-winning software developers.

  • Yevhen Kasyanenko

  • Andrew Bulavinov

    IT Consultant
  • Dmytro Bezkorovayniy

    Project Manager
  • Evhen Tytov

    Project Manager

Our Principals

Who says you have to choose between an developers and consulting company? We say you can have both. With .K.I.S.S., we find, think of, design, build and bring new ideas and products to market with the help of technological innovation. We work with you to build solutions that are both innovative and relevant. Beautiful and useful. Avant-garde and on budget. Working human-to-human in any domain.

Our Approach

No one knows your business and your customers better than you. So, our process, our work, starts with you. Understanding your business, your customers, their challenges, needs and desires, and working with you to see how we can meet those together.

We are developers. Our focus on people is what keeps us relevant. At every stage in our process, we focus on your business, your customer and your customer's customers. It's all about people and building things for them, and not just for ourselves.

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