Our Products

Mymobstr Mymobstr

Mobile journalism platform where journalists, cameramen and videographers can sell their footage to media outlets. Media can create requests for footage based on map.

Miryanin Miryanin

An online media application that delivers news, videos and live broadcasting. Users can send footages to the editorial office and respond to polls

Digimoto Digimoto

Create, schedule and publish content to multiple social media platforms with one click. You send emails and newsletters to your target groups and get reports on engagement. Digimoto has a built in reporting system on individual posts, emails and embedded links, to easily check the engagement for any given post.

AceStreamNews AceStreamNews

Ace Stream News connects writers with the audience and get rewarded.

Titus Titus

Titus Coin is a new cryptocurrency from Sweden. Ecosystem of Titus will contain of a various services and applications in which you can spend your Tituses.

OpenIMessenger OpenIMessenger

An open, free, secure messenger without ads for a smartphone in which you can communicate and share information.