Software Development & IT Consulting


  • Blockchain Technologies

    Projects on blockchain technologies. Writing data to a variety networks. Forks of popular blockchains. Own solution for HD wallet. DevOps: deploy nodes and master-nodes.

  • iOS & Android Apps

    Consulting, development and design of applications for popular platforms. App development begins with the creation of a prototype and the implementation of custom scenarios. After the approval of the visuals, we begin the development and after its complete, we conduct QA. The final stage is publication app in stores.

  • Web Services

    Creating web applications of different complexity. We proceed from the needs of using technology. In our arsenal there are such frameworks: Node JS, Yii2, Laravel, Django, Twisted.

    Programming languages: JS, Java, PHP, Python, C/C++.

  • IT Consulting

    We have big experience in developing our own projects and implementing others' ones, we have unique opportunities to discern the correct way of implementing your project. We can help you with the when choosing team, technology or audit of the current project.

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