Token Sales

Initial Coin Offering is a way of attracting investments for crypto-currency projects. In some ways, this is a kind of crowdfinding, when investors financially support preparation of projects for the ICO, buying tokens for real money (for example, dollars) or crypto currency. In the future, the investor expects that tokens will return revenue after a certain time, or they can be sold at the best price or used to pay for internal services and company products. Unlike an IPO, when the investor becomes the owner of any part of the company, in the initial coin placement model, people who buy token usually do not receive a stake in the company or the right to vote.

Token Sales

Types of tokens

As security tokens, there are two main types of tokens — utilitarian tokens and tokens as securities. When we talk about the utilitarian tokens, we mean that a token is a product, a discount or a method of payment. When you create a security tokens, you pre-sell your products and services. In other words, the basis of this token is the Kickstarter principle, only it is implemented using locking technology.

Security measures, in turn, are actions and are associated with the payment of dividends, passive income, the possibility of voting on these tokens, etc.

What is the peculiarity of our service?

We create a universal platform for trade in game objects, based on the technology of blocking and intellectual contracts. Our service will allow players of any game on any platform to evaluate their virtual items, trade them and exchange with each other. And all this with a single click of the mouse. Locking technology will provide 100% security and become a link in the trade between game worlds. The main currency of a free market economy will be tokens.

Tokens can be purchased with the help of a bank card, bank transfer, as well as using bitcoins. All COTI tokens you have purchased will be transferred to your wallet after the finishing of the sale of tokens.

For what tokens can be used:

Our service will increase the income spent in games time, and also create a huge community for each connected project.

3 reasons to buy tokens

In 2018, for detailed information in the ICO documentation, a detailed description of the decentralization of the exchange of crypto-currencies, financial risk insurance services for blocking and much more is planned on the project page.

This suggests that the investment expectations of the symbolic service are based on a really working business, which in the near future will be complemented by unique and promising services, the demand for which is beyond doubt.

3 reasons to buy token:

Our service of selling tokens will allow in one click to exchange and evaluate virtual items from any game and on any platform. Thanks to this billions of gamers from all the planet will be able to benefit from their virtual things.