Web Services

Web Services

.K.I.S.S. is a web application development company, provide consulting services. Experienced employees guarantees professional, high-quality execution. Create, implement custom development of web applications from internet sites to highly loaded.

Main task is solution needs of customers:

.K.I.S.S. provides following services:

Web Services

Custom web application

Custom web application development includes a whole cycle activities for creation, integration, modernization:

  1. Web application development. At design stage, team studies their wishes, having in view trend in the improvement of technology, experts assess the necessary material resources.
  2. Web application development architecture, appearance, suitable for the target audience, tasks.
  3. Particular attention is paid to functionality.
  4. Testing, debugging.
  5. Integration, maintenance of the product.

Experts company represents a successful combination modern technologies, professionalism our employees.

programming languagesWe use a variety of programming languages, including:

Our web application development services this is web rapid application development.

We are flexible in choosing form of cooperation with each client. In any case, we take into account all peculiarities business of our customers: tasks, internal processes.

Take full responsibility for conception. Guarantee high quality of software product realization due to well-created software improving processes, risk management.

Conception with pre-designed, tested methods of execution requires much less time for implementation, has a fixed price.

Previously our specialists work closely with client representatives, using an interactive approach. Define the main stages of conception modernization. An interactive Interactive communication allows you to make changes during implementation. This method will increase speed of the product's output on the market, more accurately work out all technical details. It is important close interaction between customer, contractor when developing large-scale.

A special section contains ready-made solutions created our specialists. We develop, introduce new projects in market, using innovative methods. Each customer is involved in creating products used their consumers. Ready-made applications are excellent design, they are useful, affordable. Effectively work with clients in any domain, since no one no one is aware of your enterprise anymore than you. The order execution begins with active communication, clarification all specifics.

We are doing our best to understand their business specifics, understand needs, desires, take an integrated approach, solving problem.

We are focused on people, try to stick this direction. Stages work are strictly distributed among responsible programmers. Each stage is performed by a specialist, he has a high qualification. This also significantly improves their finished product. Responsible employees will allow you to feel confident.